The Unlimited Dusi Canoe Marathon is one of the world’s most renowned canoe competitions and attracts thousands of sports fans to the Msunduzi River in South Africa. For the participants, the race is truly an adventure. In the wild, a lot of perseverance and skill is required to master the challenge.

The Unlimited Dusi Canoe Marathon 1


Since 1951, the Dusi Canoe Marathon between Pietermaritzburg and Durban promises high voltage suspense until the last paddle stroke and is among the top 5 events in South Africa. Under extreme environmental conditions with temperatures up to 40°C waiting for the participants of the 125 km stretch of water, a mix of large rapids, shallow painful sprints and a race against the clock.

Who ever wants to be at the front, must at least come close to the current record time of 8 hours.

The Unlimited Dusi Canoe Marathon 2


The title sponsor and financial services company “The Unlimited” uses the sporting event to present themselves to its youthful audience and to demonstrate its social commitment to the region over the three days of competition.

Besides Flags, Tents and Banners in addition the sponsors and organisers favour the Expand a Sign Ex-Disc Banners. In the rough terrain mobile advertisements and branding have to be been quick and easy to transport and set-up on lampposts, trees or poles without tools.

That means there is always time to rest and relax too!

The Unlimited Dusi Canoe Marathon 3


OUTSTANDING BRANDING whatever the challenge!