A programme of continuing investment in the latest production equipment together with a dedicated, talented and experienced workforce and state of the art purpose built facilities combine to make us one of the world’s premier designers, manufacturers and suppliers of all things inflatable!

Our commercial division is equipped with specialised computerized cutting tables & fully automated sewing machines that enable us replicate inflatables with an unmatched accuracy in shape and detail whatever the brief.


We use high density 420 Denier rip stop two sided coated nylon fabric for our inflatable products made in our own fabric coating plant (no other inflatable’s company in the world has this facility). We can also produce fabric matching any standard pantone reference with 100% accuracy and have also recently developed a fire retardant (FR) grade fabric for our inflatables. We use other specially self-developed materials for our other inflatable products.


As vital as the material is to the strength and durability of your inflatable so too are the treads used to hold it together along the seams we only use 6.6 nylon bonded quality threads which are the best that can used and avoid the polyester based fabrics and non bonded threads which result in inflatables that are 40-50 % weaker than what we supply.

Printing & Lamination

We print all our inflatables on the latest high quality Jet I make 600 D.P.I digital printing machines (considered number 1 in the world). Also, for enhanced durability of the print on the fabric and also help avoid scratches on printed surfaces during abrasion and dragging we provide a clear coat lamination on top of the printed area, which makes the surface smooth and durable for many years. Note that this lamination process is unique to our inflatable’s the world over.

Quality Control

We have credible and experienced quality control team manning our department and they thoroughly check each and every product in each stage of production through to packing and dispatch to ensure that the final product matches the specifications and standards we pride ourselves on and you expect from a leading global supplier.

The benefits to you

Of all of this are products of the highest International standards both in the quality of manufacturing and the quality of printing producing; the lightest, strongest, most durable, vibrant and impactful inflatable’s to meet your advertising, event, brand and marketing needs.

Just a word too about some of our greatest fans!

Sometimes we just have to blow our own trumpet or should I say inflatable – and its certainly not hot air! Therefore we use only fan products from Europe’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fans and blowers to the Inflatable/Leisure and Advertising markets with over 20 years experience in designing and supplying fans/blowers of all types these are the choice of over 90% of all major users in the inflatable market sector in Europe and the only fans we are happy to combine with our inflatables to complete your products.

All of our fans of the highest quality in terms of reliability, performance, weight and noise level and fully integrate into the inflatables (or standalone external fans) as determined for each inflatable.



We offer;

  •  Galvanised and ABS plastic electric blowers
  • Petrol blowers (for when there is no electrical supply)
  •  Higher performance motors
  •  Stronger packaging
  •  Weight reduction
  •  Easy to carry products
  •  Damp condition operation (fan and motor to IP55)
  •  Filters to suit fans/blowers working in dusty or sandy conditions
  • Safety RCD extension plug sets

All products are in conformity with the relevant EEC Directives and carry the CE mark and we provide a minimum of a 1 year warranty on all fan units.

We realy do have a unique product combined with a super fast lead-time and unbelievable value for money prices.

            Are you ready to inflate your sales?