Inflatable Costumes – bring your brand Alive!

Easy to Use and Comfortable to Wear, Inflatable Costumes Bring Energy and Life to Events.

They swing.  They sway.  They walk up and hug you!

Inflatable costumes let your character move around freely wherever he or she wants.

When you say “costume,” the first image that comes to mind is most likely an outfit made of cloth.  But inflatable character costumes offer some unique advantages, people are used to seeing costumes made of material, but the appearances, shapes and colours of inflatable costumes stand out in the crowd.

Ever see what happens when people come across inflatable characters? They smile. They laugh. They tell others about it! Your prospects and customers will associate these good feelings with your product or service and will remember you. Plus, everyone who sees your inflatable costumes will aid your marketing campaign by just talking or tweeting about it!

Inflatable characters and costumes are great attention grabbers for special events or just about any time you’d like to do something different.

Inflatable costumes contain a small, battery-operated fan system that is strapped to a body harness of the individual inside. This system keeps the costume wearer much cooler than conventional costumes. In addition, inflatable costumes are durable and lightweight. Inflatable costumes offer great design flexibility and can be created in heights of 10 feet tall (or more)!

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