Golf Days

It’s your Golf Day so “OWN IT” ~ Branded Golf Days by Synergy

“I’ve been to other events and they look great, special/ important you get a real sense of something happening and it makes being there exciting”.

If you are planning a Golf Day or sponsoring an Event then you will want to make sure that you make it look professional, special and important for your VIP’s, guests and spectators, you will want to ensure that you OWN IT!

Often the presentation of the course, your organisation and the event branding (usually because of budget) is given little thought or rushed last-minute, you would not leave the booking of the course or arranging the catering to the week before your event so why so with the branding?

We all know the saying “First Impressions count”

What is the first thing your visitors and guests will see on arrival at the golf course? as they come up the drive? at the clubhouse? on the first tee? on the tee boxes? on the green? around the course? And at dinner and during the prize giving and speeches?

It is not difficult or expensive to brand your golf day – be it one or two well placed banners around the course or branding on every hole – transform you golf day into a branded golf event that all your visitors & guests will remember and comment on.

It’s your Golf Day so “OWN IT”

What’s more, our products are flexible and can be used in many different environments. This means you can install them at other events, year after year, so less hassle for you and more long-term savings.

Why not talk to us about a Special Golf Day package or about your specific requirements.

Services you’ll Love…

  1.       FREE consultation and advice on how to maximize sponsorship revenues.
  2.       Special registered Charity discounts.
  3.       Special Offers.
  4.       Help with Artwork.
  5.       Design to Delivery Guarantee.
  6.       Fast Delivery.
  7.       Turn-key Solutions.
  8.       Prices you can afford.

Some key points to consider in planning for your next Golf Event;

  1.        Do you want to make it look professional and exciting?
  2.        Plan the kind of first impression you want to make.
  3.        Do you Want to OWN IT?
  4.        Order early and arrange for early delivery.
  5.        Arrange for setup and breakdown (with our products there’s nothing to this)
  6.        Deal with a reputable supplier who can meet your needs.
  7.        Relax and enjoy the day.

That is all it takes for you to start saving time & money, make your event look more professional and get greater awareness & visibility; not to mention the praise and recognition of colleagues & piers for a job well done…

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