Helium Inflatables

Helium advertising balloons are a sealed “air-tight” construction and like the cold-air inflatables, can range from typically 10 feet to 40 feet in size.

Each use requires the helium to be replenished. Since they are filled with helium, these advertising balloons, typically stationary helium blimps, Airships or spheres, can also be mobile in order to float in parades, above stadiums or over stores. We can also custom design shapes to match your exact needs or reflect your product, packaging or character replica.

Given these are filled with Helium and can fly high in the sky there are some special considerations for you to be aware of;

  • You may need local Airport Authority permission/license to operate a Helium Balloon.
  • You may need to consider using a specialist agency to operate the Balloon for you.
  • You will need to consider the cost of usage, helium is expensive, if possible so you wont want to have to fill/deflate and re-fill your inflatable over the course of your event.
  • You may require an Auto-deflation device to be fitted to you Balloon for additional safety.

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