Continuous, Individual & Eyeleted Banners, Fence Scrim & Event Tape

Synergy has a range of Individual and Continuous Banner solutions developed to maximize you brand or advertising and balance your budget. From one-off Banners to bannering by the mile, from single colour to high definition full colour with the widest selection of materials and finishing options but all with the same single purpose – to position your brand


Continuous Banner

Offering all the benefits of PVC at a fraction of the cost, non-woven polyester banners are an innovative and an extremely cost-effective replacement for PVC on longer print runs.

Synergy’s continuous bannering is very light but equally very strong and provides a durable substrate on which to print bold vibrant colours. It can be supplied in finished lengths (with eyelets, bungees or ropes) or alternatively on the roll for maximum cost effectiveness.

Individual Banner 1





Individual & Eyeleted Banners

Traditional individual banners typically in solid or mesh PVC but also now available in a wide rage of modern lightweight materials. Virtually any size and finished as required.

Mr Price endless banner Midmar Mile








Fence Scrim

Printed continuous or individual mesh (open weave) banners to fit all standard temporary event and construction site (Heras) fencing. Typically 1.8m high x any length it is easily secured with cable ties for outstanding brand exposure at and sports, music, festival, “open space” venues construction sites and other events.

Event-Race Tape








Event (Race) Tape

Event/Race Tape is a non-adhesive Polyethylene tape 7.5cm in depth supplied on 250m rolls and can be as practical for events as it can be a part of your branding!

White Tape is printed one side in 1 line colour or as required with a repeating pattern up to 40cm.

Event/Race Tape is very cost effective and an essential part of any events team branding kit.










Freestanding Banners

Our Folding & Ex-Up A-Frame Banners and Towers, truly instant Advertising. The Pop-up Banner is made to do exactly what the name suggests; they bounce into shape within seconds. The super lightweight double-sided banner itself requires no assembly and is therefore, putting your brand on the map from the moment you open it.









Pitch Overlay Banners

Super large format banners designed for pitch overlay or as part of a pre-event show. From simple center-circle banners, team shirt replica cut-out banners or bespoke shapes, Overlay Banners are a novel way to get event or sponsor branding across at big events and are ideal where there is TV coverage.

We also make smaller “Crowd-Surf” Banners and Flags popular for sporting events and getting Fans involved.












Retail Display (Point of Purchase) Banners

Interior branding solutions to help you increase your brand exposure, impact and awareness

Instore and at the Point of Purchase. Textile graphics (or ‘soft signage” as they are sometimes known) such as hanging or wall banners and entrance alarm covers make instant impact.

We also make merchandising display fabrics, changing room curtains, Table covers, cushions, seat covers, branded carpet…

Talk to our Customer Care team for more details.











Need something special or out of the ordinary for a particular application or event?

Big, wide, tall specialist materials or finishes…


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Banner Materials

We select the materials best suited to meet our clients technical and budgetary needs.

Synergy uses a range of Standard, Premium and Specialist materials for all its Continuous and Individual Banners. From traditional Solid and Mesh PVCs to new Polyesters and Nylons.

Materials are also tested for print reproduction qualities, colour matching and fastness.

Banners can be hemmed, sleeved, stitched, eyeleted, welded, reinforced, Velcro edged, roped, or finished as required.


Talk to our Customer Care team for more details.

From one-off Banners to bannering by the mile Synergy has a range of Individual and Continuous, Indoor and outdoor Banner solutions developed to maximize you brand or advertising and balance your budget.

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