FUGU Air Furniture – FAQ’s

We have put together some of the most common questions we get asked about our FUGU Inflatable Air Furniture and answered these below, however if you have any further questions or just want to discuss the possibilities of Air Furniture then please contact us here to discuss.

Q. Is Air Furniture comfortable to sit on?

FUGU furniture is comfortable and ergonomic thanks to a patented system integrated in the plastic structure. This comes off better adhesion of the textile to the plastic structure, allocating air masses in the furniture and assuring the removable effect of the furniture (use with or without textile).

Q. How many people can sit on the furniture at once?

The plastic membranes are extremely resistant. The KUKI sofa for example can sit from two to three people. It is in fact much stronger, we have managed to sit a whole eight people on one sofa, it was quite tight but the sofa was fine, check out the photo here. This is a rule of thumb for all our furniture, the Donut the Fuji chair and the Maki table are just as strong.

Q. How do the LED lamps work?

We have a patented design that allows us to integrate the LED lamps inside the furniture. Light diffusion is uniform and the WOW effect is guaranteed. The lights are fully waterproof and moreover they recharge wirelessly for approximately 6 hours and can be used for between 13 and 20 hours depending on the program used. All LED lamps are supplied with a remote control.

Q. Which are the best covers to illuminate FUGU Furniture?

To make the most out of the LED colour options we do recommend you opt for a white or light colour cover.

Q. Does the product stand cigarette burns?

Yes, quality being central in our vision, we undertook in lab testing, you can see the video here.

Q. How do you stop it blowing away?

Our products are light, that’s one of the many reasons they are so easy to transport and store.

To keep our furniture stable and stopping it from blowing away we have integrated little pockets in which you can put heavy ballasts, you can also put a drop of water in the bottom to stabilise the structures.

Q. Can the furniture be used on water?

Our whole furniture range can be used on water, we have even patented a pouch inside the furniture so that we can secure the LED lamp into place. The LED lamps are completely wireless and totally waterproof.

Q. Is the furniture affected by temperature?

Under high heat won’t the furniture burst ?

No, even under extreme weather conditions your furniture will stay intact. Whether its really hot or cold, the pressure inside the TPU structure stays the same.

Q. Can the skins be used Indoors and Outdoors?

The skins can be used in and outdoors, they are made out of waterproof fabric so they dry really quickly. They can be washed in a washing machine or even cleaned with a sponge.

Q. How long does the furniture take to inflate?

It inflates and deflates extremely fast. We sell two different pumps; a standard pump and a professional pump.

With the professional pump:

– Kuki sofa: 3 minutes

– Fuji chair: 2 minutes

– Maki table & Donut: 30 seconds

With the standard pump:

– Kuki sofa: 10 minutes

– Fuji chair: 7 minutes

– Maki table & Donut: 3 minutes

Q. Is the pump included with the furniture?

We provide a standard pump with all Fugu furniture Sets (Classic set Pack, Event/Booth Pack).

Q. What is the Warranty?

The warranty lasts one year for manufacturing defects (welding joints).