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These futuristic branded shelters make the perfect eye catching all-weather covering for patrons, mini-events, outdoor markets, trade show stands and promotions… and beside being hugely functional they are ideal for enhancing the visual landscape of any event, exhibition or trade show booth Etc. – Indoors or Outdoors!

  1. QUALITY: X-GLOO tents are designed and constructed to be of the highest quality and functionality. We are proud to say that our tents are waterproof, fire retardant (B1 certified), UV resistant, and stable in winds up to 60 km/h – we tested the X-Gloo in a professional wind tunnel to prove it.
  2. APPEARANCE: The sleek design of X-GLOO tents and Elements is both functional and attractive, and has earned the X-Gloo the red dot award.
  3. LIGHT AND INFLATABLE: The X-Gloo Event Tent is an inflatable lightweight tent system (as little as 13,3kg). Thanks to the aerodynamic form, high-tech materials, and clever stabilization system, it is perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use. It is the ideal presentation platform for any situation or location! Plus, it reduces to a surprisingly-small pack volume for easy transport and storage.
  4. QUICK SETUP TIMES: Thanks to the 4-tube design of the X-Gloo and the type and location of the inflation valves, our tents can be set up by one person in as quickly as 5 minutes! Once inflated, the pump can be removed and the tent will stay standing for days on end without the need to add air. No permanent pump needed!
  5. GERMAN ENGINEERING AND DESIGN: Since 2007, X-GLOO has been the specialist in inflatable event tents. We have invested thousands of hours in engineering and tested dozens of fabrics and prototypes to ensure that our tents are of the highest quality and stand up to wind and weather time and time again.
  6. GLOBAL NETWORK: Our network of Distributors covers 5 continents and nearly 30 countries.
  7. BRANDING OPTIONS: Your brand is important, which is why we give you the ability to apply your logo, text, and images on nearly every surface of the X-Gloo. We also offer the widest range of print methods to ensure that your budget and timeframe are met.
  8. HUGE SIZE RANGE: We offer tent footprints starting at 16 square meters on our 4×4 model going all the way up to 61.6 square meters on our 8×8. With this range—plus the ability to connect multiple tents with our Tunnel Parts—we offer you the scalability options to fit every need.
  9. BLOCK-BULIDING-SYSTEM: The optional walls, tunnels, and canopies—or „Elements“—can be zipped on or off quickly and easily. The roof and tubes which make up the tent „Matrix“ can also be removed, exchanged, or replaced. What this means to you is that the X-Gloo can grow or change with your needs.
  10. IN-STOCK OPTIONS: For cases when you need a tent REALLY soon, we have a wide range of customizable in-stock products so we can still provide you with a tent for your event which is unique, eye-catching, and doesn‘t sacrifice on quality.
  11. SERVICE OPTIONS: Our diverse range of service options—including In-House Design, our Try-Before-You-Buy Program, Free Tent Check Program and 6-Month Free Repair Guarantee—are designed to support you before, during, and after the purchase of your tent. Additionally, our service centers in Europe and the United States will ensure that your tent is in the best possible condition for your next event.

The BLOCK-BUILDING SYSTEM upon which the tent is designed makes it possible to quickly change each individual component—such as the roof or tubes—to achieve almost any design or color combination. Tunnel elements provide the solution for easily attaching multiple X-Gloos to form a modular tent city!

elements     Exploded-Elements-Color-Design-770x513

Exploded-Elements-print-areas-770x513     Exploded-Elements-X-GLOO-770x513

The modular X-GLOO tent system offers maximal versatility and convenience.
Approximate inflation time:
with the Hand Pump: 4×4 – 15 min / 5×5 – 23 min / 6×6 – 30 min
with the Electric Pump: 4×4 – 5 min / 5×5 – 10 min / 6×6 – 15 min

X-GLOO Event Tents in the sizes 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 8×8 can stand up to wind speeds of up to 60 km/h when properly tensioned and anchored – this has been proven by tests undertaken in a professional wind tunnel.

X-GLOO Event Tents are waterproof. The roof seams are fused with sealing tape and the zippers are covered by a zipper rain cover.

All cloths have been carefully selected and have undergone extensive testing. The Roof material has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of over 50 and achieves the light fastness standard level 4-5 according to DIN EN ISO 105-B02.

X-GLOO tents represent the highest quality and functionality in design and construction. These qualities are reflected in important details such as the robust and durable materials. X-GLOO Event Tents are component-specifically tested according to DIN 4102-B1 – abbrev.:B1 (regulates testing and requirements on the fireproofness of construction materials and components. German national norm, also used within most European countries.)

CPAI 84 Norm (specification of the American Association of Sailcloth Products for the evaluation of flameproof materials used in tents.)

Side Walls, Tunnel Parts and Canopies can be quickly and easily zipped on and off with the premium YKK zippers (conform to Öko-Tex Standard 100). The roof and tubes can individually disconnected, exchanged or replaced. The reversible element zippers make it possible to attach the walls with branding facing inwards or outwards.

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