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Synergy is a global supplier of some of the world’s most Innovative Company, Brand, Sponsorship and Event Branding Products.

We have a portfolio of some very unique and highly innovative and effective branding and display products that can help you create impact and excitement and that could help shape the visual landscape of for example; a hospitality or corporate village or provide solutions for your key indoor/outdoor, on-street or on-water visibility locations creating high impact and effective advertising opportunities to promote your event or brand.

Synergy’s range of branding products use innovative, patented systems and high quality materials to give each model stability, longevity and ease of use. Many are truly an “Instant” product with set up and de-rigging taking from as little as 30 seconds helping reduce your on-site, set-up and take down time considerably.

What’s more, our products are flexible and can be used in many different environments.  This means you can install them at different events, year after year, so less hassle for you and more long-term savings.

Whilst our talented team can create almost any kind of event branding you need the most common categories of Event Branding include;

For a full list of all Synergy products A to Z CLICK HERE.

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