Size matters! The big pay cheque, that massive fish you caught, the enormity of your… cars engine. Some might say that we live in a world of excess, but let’s be honest – sometimes bigger is just better.

A few from The Expand a Sign Competitive Speed Eating Team went for dinner last night.They figured they’d share 2 large pizzas – everyone loves pizza, right?

What was presented to them were two colossal, doughy islands of cheese. You could feed a small African country off a few slices of these things. they sat amazed; their jaws hung open as they gawked at the 60cm diameter beasts. But, it tasted great. Filled them up. Didn’t cost a fortune. And there was enough to satisfy us the whole factory for lunch too – Until 2014!

So, because size seems to impress and due to the fact that we love to make giant stuff, Expand a Sign has launched our new Jumbo Ex-Star. This marquee-style tent stretches out nearly 20m (62’4”) when set up. The Jumbo Ex-Star has a dual purpose of providing both eye-catching branding as well as shelter. These are ideal for festivals, corporate days, sport days and gatherings. i.e., BIG events.

Want to be awed and amazed at the pure magnitude of your brand or logo? The Extra Large Flying Banner stands at 6m (19’8”). This original, patented product (as well as its 5 smaller Flying Banner cousins) is designed to ensure that it cuts through wind and rain and remains standing. A huge surface area for your advertising, yet it folds down to fit into a small carry bag and weighs less than 5kg. Genius – on a grand scale!

We’ve branded airports, stadiums, exhibition centres, buildings, festivals, promotions and events up and down the country. That’s kind of a BIG deal.

Expand a Sign has great ideas. Our mission statement has always been that where we lead, others follow. When it comes to branding solutions, we’ve got BIG passion.

When size matters talk to us were BIG on BIG! – Plus we have lots of other BIG ideas.