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Synergy is the leading supplier of some of the world’s most Innovative Company, Brand, Sponsorship and Event Branding Solutions.

From exhibitions, trade shows and conferences, to sales promotions, product launches and sporting events…our branding solutions will help you to make an impact, gain awareness and increase sales.

But engaging with your customer’s means more than plastering a venue or event with your company logo. Event branding is about getting consumers emotionally involved with your product or service. Its about igniting a bond between your brand and your target consumer. It’s about getting results.

With this in mind, talk to us soon about how Synergy’s Company, Brand and Event Branding products, our expertise and experience can help you take ownership of your next event.

Synergy is evolving.  Experience our new brand and full website very soon! In the meantime to find out how to make your brand outstanding please contact Michael Jeffrey

U.K. & Northern Ireland
T: +44 (0)28 9267 1859

Southern Ireland
T: +353 (0)1 531 4598

or E-mail: talk@synergyob.com


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