Usage Overview

What do Clients use our Outstanding Branding for?

For communication, information, Product Launches, Sales, Promotions, Offers, Acknowledging Sponsors, Brand Awareness, Advertising, Attention, Ownership, Visibility, Standout, Shelter from the rain, and Extra Sales.

Our Products are used Indoors & Outdoors (mornings, afternoons and evenings) all year round for Meetings, Conferences, Exhibitions, Events, Corporate Functions & Hospitality, Press Briefings, Photo shoots, Interview Backboards, for Sponsorship, Sporting Events, Golf Days, Festivals, Road Shows, Site Dressing

We have Branding that can be used just about everywhere; along the roadside, on the ground, in the ground, on walls, on rooftops, on lampposts, on fencing, On-Street, On-Water, high up in the air, freestanding, hanging, carried, on tow bars, on cars, in windows, in Reception Areas, Showrooms, Outside Shops, Inside Shops, at Airports, Cafés, Shopping Malls, Churches, Sports Grounds, on Golf Courses, Exhibition Halls, Stadium, City wide, Sports Venues,

The most common usage occasions & locations for Event Branding includes;

  • Sporting Events
  • Automotive, Forecourt & Dealerships
  • Golf Courses
  • PR, Photo Shoots & Media Events
  • Marathons, Triathlons & Races
  • Outlet Activation
  • On-Street
  • On-Water
  • Sports Grounds, Stadia, Venues, Buildings & Rooftops
  • Crowd Control Barriers, Fencing & Gantries
  • Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Festivals, Meetings & Conferences
  • Retail, Instore, Point of Purchase, Showroom, Shop and Branch


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