These futuristic branded shelters make the perfect eye catching all-weather covering for patrons, mini-events, hospitality, registration, outdoor markets, trade show stands merchandise kiosks and promotions… and beside being hugely functional they are ideal for enhancing the visual landscape of any event to increase your brand presence.

Bigger than standard gazebos; 4m, 5m, 6m and now a new special 8m version, you can add other units and mix sizes over time and these are all linkable so you can create a flexible system for individual shelters/ mini-events and linked larger structures for complete event/hospitality centres.

“It is important, especially outdoors, that the tent can be set up easily and without requiring a lot of equipment” according to Michael Jeffrey, Head of Sales and Marketing at Synergy, X-GLOO’s Ireland Distributor. “Our Event-Igloo is light, can be set up in a flash, is simple to handle, stable and safe!” It can be set up by 1 person in only 10 minutes – lay it out – inflate with air – ready. Furthermore, the robust X-GLOO can be used on any surface: sand, water, snow or asphalt – all no problem thanks to the innovative Ballast System.

Just imagine: You arrive at your event, remove your backpack and get ready to unpack. Now you are ready to begin. Inflate, make slight adjustments – quickly attach the Side Walls, and all of the sudden, the attention is on you.

This is the well-known A-ha- Effect that occurs among onlookers wherever an X-GLOO is set up. And no wonder, because what just came out of the backpack is high quality, visually stunning, eye-catching, instant, multi-functional tent that gives you space to work; indoors or outdoors

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