Particularly effective for replica water bottles and clear spirits, also often used for the clear portion at the top of a regular bottle of soft drink to create a more realistic look.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst we can make the inflatable in clear material the life-span and durability of the clear film is not as good as our standard/opaque materials and we cannot apply the additional protective clear coat laminate to the clear material which would otherwise help increase its resistance to scratches on the printed surfaces and abrasion from dragging…

This said we produce and supply a large number of clear, part clear and transparent inflatables for a wide range of Customers, Brands and Products the world over and handled properly with a little more TLC than would be needed with a standard inflatable they will work perfectly well and have such additional impact over a printed representation of a clear pack that any trade off is more than compensated for in increased attention and visibility of the clear product inflatable.