Professional Quality, Traditionally Made Deckchairs.

Synergy’s branded Deckchairs are high quality exterior furniture for commercial/promotional events and public applications. Suitable right through from the luxury boutique market to the most demanding contract requirements.

Relax, Restore, Refresh & Engage with your Customers

You can relax too; modular construction makes for easy maintenance and repair. We supply the entire range of spare parts, new or replacement fabrics and fixings for extra durability.

While the shape may be standard, the printing, colours and messages are anything but!  You get tremendous flexibility with every design feature so that the end result is something completely unique to your exact requirements.

We take great pride in our unrivalled range of covers available in a selection of materials, a rainbow of different colours and a kaleidoscope of vibrant patterns.

We apply logos, corporate colour schemes, themes and personal emblems or motifs as
digital prints or silk-screen prints, or branding direct on to the wooden frame.

We can also embroider your logo on to either side of our slings (minimum order 10 units).

Protecting the environment – Sustainable Impact!

All of our timber frames are made with durable Merpauh treated with teak oil. This provides excellent protection against the elements and wear, extends the working life, and the fine finish enhances the natural appearance.

Merpauh is classified by the Timber Research and Development Association as a durable hardwood. They define durable as 15-25 years contact with the ground. The Merpauh that we use is sourced from sustainably logged forests. We are now working with our suppliers towards product certification by PEFC.


  • Quick to Set up
  • Tool free, no loose parts, only needs one person
  • Massive print area
  • High quality printing
  • Crease resistant and interchangeable graphics
  • Additional or Replacement covers available
  • Super strong Heavy Duty frame
  • Durable
  • Build Quality
  • Unrivalled range of covers available in a selection of materials
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Durable Merpauh wooden frame treated with teak oil
  • Sourced from sustainably logged forests
  • Modular construction
  • Large range of spare parts, fabrics and fixings

Deckchair Frame

The standard molding for our deckchairs has a cross-section of 22mm x 47mm, this provides great strength and a noticeably more solid feel than the often spindly promotional and imported deckchairs.

Deckchair Fabric

Woven Cotton

Thick 350g/m2 fabric with nostalgia appeal. These covers have fantastic vibrant colour and they feel great.


Our most durable contract range. Specially designed, 320g/m2 fabric made for outdoor use, this is a premium grade acrylic. Suitable for marine applications. Excellent colour retention.

Deckchair Fabric for Digital Printing


Textilene, PVC coated woven polyester non-stretch yarn, is flame retardant, heat sealable, mildew resistant and stable under either hot or cold temperatures. Textiline is a superb contract fabric in terms of durability, with minimal maintenance, and colours that remain crisp and vibrant after years of continuous outdoor exposure, even under the most severe weather conditions

Not what you are looking for? – Contact us about promotional quality and imported frame Deckchairs or have a look at our Air Furniture or other seating ranges.

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